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Catalogue modelling

Catalogue modelling is another area of modelling which offers a range of work. Income will be dependent on the specifics of the catalogue and brand.

Catalogue modelling offers a larger scope for models of less specific look and figure. A large amount of day to day work will be for catalogues of major chains and mail order catalogues. Models will have a more general look which does not necessarily incorporate the high-fashion requirements for quirky and cutting edge styling and image. With various catalogues being marketed to different customers there is a range of work for a variety of ages, matching catalogue models to the target market for products. Expect to be paid anything from 150-1500 pounds a day for this type of work, with this figure being entirely dependent on the brand and catalogue that you are working for. There is an increasing market for internet catalogues where models are called in for a days work and can be pictured in up to 100 separate pieces, for this the model will be given a flat daily fee.

It is still essential to be in good physical shape for this kind of modelling work, especially important when modelling for swimwear or other products where the body will be exposed.